Welcome to The Commons

The RADE Industry Commons is a web-based portal designed to provide a critical resource for sharing information, leveraging assets, and facilitating social network mapping throughout the New England aerospace and defense community.

Commons members have access to supply chain contract spending and analysis data, timely information and research, targeted resources based on affiliation and interests, and cross-linking opportunities with potential partners and collaborators.

RADE Includes:

The Economic Modeling Portal: A web-based, graphical, interactive platform that enables policymakers to analyze and assess the dependency of the region’s supply chain on DoD spending.
The Compact: A network of partners established to develop a policy consensus in order to maintain and grow the New England aerospace and defense industry.
The Virtual Industry Commons: An online forum unique to the industry designed to share information, facilitate discussions, address policy, and represent a collective voice for the sector.
The Workforce Toolkit: A collection of resources that provide best practices and model programs in workforce development that respond to challenges and changes driven by the sector.

Learn more about the Regional Aerospace & Defense Exchange (RADE) project and The Commons here.

Industry News

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